Euroanswer Bucharest: People, Services and Numbers

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How did it all begin. What do we say

Euroanswer Bucharest’s story started in 2004, when the company had 30 agents and a lot of hope and enthusiasm. Today we have a team of 96 customer representatives who offer support services for 24 active clients in 16 languages. This location is Euroanswer’s headquarters, concentrating the largest number of agents of all the locations, the other projects being radially split in the other cities (Galati and Sibiu in Romania and Skopje in Macedonia) according to project delivery needs.

The services offered in Bucharest cover a wide range of industries, including: telekom, IT, banking, television, online design, printing services, energy, payments, food & drink. There is a balance between continuing our relationship with businesses which we’ve been providing support services to for a while now and expanding our expertise and experience with new projects.

If we talk about the general atmosphere that one can find at Euroanswer Bucharest, we will list the friendly, relaxed climate that encourages an open dialogue between colleagues. Teams composed of members coming from different cultural backgrounds work together beautifully, as people like to spend time together at and after work. The positive relationship dynamics is an aspect that defines the offices. We recently asked our colleagues where does their happiness at work come from and most of their answers revolved around this key aspect: the relationship with their peers (their responses can be found here:

What our partners say

The most recent acquisition in our portfolio is a project that focuses on selling vacation tickets to public and private institutions, while the longest partnership is with a computer technology industry leader. Our long-term partner describes our collaboration as follows:

‘’They have proven themselves to be a reliable and re-doubtable partner, eager to get along and understand our business needs and the needs of our customers. A contact center operating model relies on 3 building blocks: people, technology and processes. Euroanswer’s utilization of these components has shown us a company whose scalability and flexibility belies their maturity in terms of years. Their management team, has been a joy to work with. Their straightforward open dialogue makes it easy to engage with Euroanswer at all levels within their organization. We look forward to strengthening our relationship with Euroanswer as we continue to build upon the capability we have created over the past 3 years.’’

What do our people say

On the profeuroanswer-10-of-22-795x528essional side, people most appreciate here, at Euroanswer, the possibility of gaining experience in a professional environment, the schedule flexibility, and the opportunities they have to develop their skills and enhance them in a higher level position.
To this, bear witness the experiences described below:

‘I had the opportunity to join Euroanswer in 2013 as a Team Leader for the Shared Team in Bucharest. My 7-year working experience, on different positions, as an employee of a key international Telecom Company, helped me to easily become a part of the Euroanswer family, to discover and embrace the strong vision which shapes the culture and values promoted by Euroanswer.

I was immediately and deeply impressed by the powerful bond between the team members on all levels, by their ambition and integrity shown during daily activities and customer interaction.

In the past years, Euroanswer grew as an organization, reached a maturity that comes with effective hard work and dedication from all of my peers. I’m proud to be a member of this amazing team that strongly believes in both personal and professional development.

Euroanswer, never stop! You’re doing an outstanding job!’ – Nicoleta Turcan, Service Delivery Manager

‘It is always about the people. Quite the amazing spectacle unfolded before me during the past years of my employment at Euroanswer. The sheer growth in size, scope and reach are feats to behold; but most importantly, we have never lost sight of our customers’ needs, we’ve put them first and ensured their success while partaking in it. If the same values and a clear vision bring us together then resourcefulness, common sense and a good sense of humor among other positive traits are how we coalesce. There is nothing quite like the feeling of unfettered pride derived from being faced with challenges and overtaking their strength and guile. An awesome team!’ – Alexandru Chiriloiu, Team Leader

An awesome team indeed. A team that is fully committed to supporting the business, that wants to permanently develop its skills and a team who loves the continuous learning.

Well done guys, you have our deepest appreciation! Thank you for everything!

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