Saving hearts, saving our future

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We started this company thinking about the future, a concept that lives with us every day. A concept that feeds dreams, sets strategies and gives us hope, sustaining our mission, combined with our values. Is not just the future of the company we are thinking of, is the one of our employees, clients and a greater scale, the one of our society. Having this mind set up helps us take the right decisions and push the exact buttons that improve the quality of life, for the benefit of all of us.

We are sharing our joy with you in the spirit of integrity and human centered philosophy that we follow at Euroanswer and with deep emotion, as the letter you’re about to read make all other comments useless.

It was an internal decision to support the actions of “The Heart of Children”, “Inima Copiilor” in Romanian,  a non-profit organization founded in 2006 in order to help children with serious health problems.
Helping them to transform into reality the hopes of every child and parent became our mission, too.

These are the thoughts we received after making the donation and we felt it was wonderful to show it to you:

“We would like to use your donation to contribute to the optimum deployment of the following medical mission which will be organized at cardio surgery. The Cardio surgery Ward we built still needs professional help from experienced doctors. The young team of doctors and nurses collaborates with a few well trained Italian colleagues who have been helping us for the last years. Teams from the San Donato Clinic in Milan come to Bucharest once a month, for 10-15 days, and operate with the Romanian team.

This is a pediatric cardio surgery development program which is based on the collaboration between the hospital, the Health Ministry, the San Donato Clinic, the Italian Association “Bambini cardiopatici nel Mondo” and ‘Inima Copiilor’ from Romania, program which has reached its third year.

We contribute, therefore, to the costs of these missions: the foreign team’s transportation and accommodation, medical materials and devices used for surgeries, supplies and medicines that are necessary. Within this type of mission we usually receive 3 foreign specialists, along with which 6-12 open heart surgeries are performed as well as over 10 cardiac catheterizations. In addition to the operated patients, the missions also contribute to preparing the Romanian Surgery Team, in order to have the ward work independently and continuously as soon as possible.

Our support to the smooth running of those missions varies depending on their length, but also on the patients and the surgeries that are performed. Usually, our costs exceed 10.000 euro every month. The amount may seem substantial, but, taking into consideration that the Romania state pays at least 20.000 euro for a patient with a simple cardiac malformation that cannot be operated in our country and is operated in Italy or Germany, we believe that the sum we contribute with is used extremely efficient.

Such a mission is ongoing these days, the next one being organized in November. We will want, therefore, to use the sponsorship you offered us to contribute to covering the costs associated with this mission.’’

We are overwhelmed by these words and happy to help. Looking forward to do other great things together.

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