Attitude is everything

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Vulnerability. For some of use just a word that makes us think of weaknesses, deep emotions and challenges.

For those who find themselves in this kind of situations is a powerful resource that feeds their determination, builds their strength and faith.

It’s this second human category that offers our society role models and inspiration muses, setting an example of positivity and perseverance that pushes us towards our psychological and physical limits.

This is exactly what we had in mind when organizing an inspirational meeting with our Bucharest team.

img_9439We named the workshop “Attitude is everything” and we invited Ghiorghi Filip, national Archery Paralympic champion and philanthropist, that shared his experience on limits and passions in the personal and professional lives. Listening to his story had us convinced that when it comes to defeating obstacles in life, attitude is, actually, everything.

Our meeting began with Filip storytelling how an unfortunate event dramatically changed his life, leaving him disabled. Trough self-control and negative emotions management, he found a new vocational purpose: helping others, regardless of their condition, to improve the quality of their lives. Our colleagues had a lot of questions, in order to get to know Filip better and learn from his motivational approach.

Customer representatives, team leaders, managers were all present at the workshop, eager to discover Filip’s story and aspects with which they could resonate with on a personal level and felt inspired by.

img_9443We discussed together about how to activate yourself, to make the decision of initiating a behavior, about persistence and how to continue your efforts toward a goal even though obstacles may appear. Intensity is, also, very important, as concentration and vigor help you reach the goal.

As Filip says “Stimulate your power of concentration, control your physical strength and aim.”

Exceed and integrate the initial traumatic experiences that once negatively influenced you. Evaluate all your roles, such as employee, colleague, friend, spouse, child and parent.

Learn to change the way you see yourself and your life and choose to develop deeper relationships with those around you.

In the end we understood the answer is optimism, something you feel and use as the most powerful resource of your life.

It’s gatherings like this and people like Filip that show us how easy is to increase the productivity, engagement and human interactions of our team, making Euroanswer more successful. 

Here are a few of our colleagues’ testimonials that prove the emotional impact of the workshop: 

 “The meeting was very interesting. Seeing someone overcome such problems can empower you to solve your own problems faster and better. It is a great motivator. It would be nice to have more of these events, you never know what you might learn.” – Customer Service Adviser

“It was a special day when Filip came to talk to us, it was like seeing an emotional movie based on a true life story. He remained a fighter and a believer although he had an ironic, tragic event in his life. He has a life that few have, with lots of achievements, with a lot of traveling and a great family. His visit reminded us about how we should enjoy life and cultivate everything we do with passion, ignoring the small difficulties we might encounter.

I think it was an inspiring event and I would enjoy other events like this.” – Quality Manager

The meeting with Filip was a lesson of life. You know, I was thinking for a few seconds that he’s lucky to see so many countries, new places, he’s doing a lot of activities, but I realized immediately that I would never want to be in his situation. Even if there are very sad situations, these cases shows us that we are crying for nothing (that we have no money, no time, etc.). So, yes, I want more events like this one.’ – Team Leader

From Filip’s sad story I remained with a couple of very good/useful advices and very interesting life lessons. I would definitely want more events of this type in our company.” – Administrative Manager

“From my personal perspective, the event held with Filip was very useful in order to remind me that, in each case, with or without physical or mental difficulties, I can always find a way to move forward. Experience can be gained best by accepting the way we are in that particular moment and with that, we can overcome all the situations that may appear.

Furthermore I received a very useful advice regarding a similar situation where one of my friends is also immobilized but he lost his will to get up from the chair and walk again or to find other ways to “standup” straight in front of any problems that he might encounter on his path.

Thank you for the interesting experience, please invite me again’ – Customer Service Adviser

“The best word to describe the meeting with Filip is for sure <challenging>. The most important lesson that he taught us was that we shouldn’t never give up. I want to see other similar events organized in our company.” – Quality Analyst

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