The Leadership Training Course – a program that helps us build the best global team

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22491455_10156723565408989_4279369674697842353_nBy the time you will read this article, the first steps in creating a ‘learning organizational culture’ at Euroanswer are already being taken, through a Leadership Training Course, as part of a priority program developed by our HR department.

We consider our employees a part of our success story and, as our CEO, Paul Scanlon, previously declared – “We see people as our most important asset and the main factor driving our evolution, so we are constantly investing in expanding the team and its development”.

In our business approach, why we exist (our Purpose), where we are going (our Vision), what we do (our Strategies), and how we work together (our Culture) are clarified for, communicated to, and aligned with strategic goals regarding Sustainable Financial Growth, Customers’ Delight, Focus on operational excellence (Processes) and Building the best global team.

Our managers contribute every day in achieving these goals and as the company grows we wanted to offer them the support needed to lead by example and leverage the team’s potential.

The initiative of a Leadership Program dedicated to them came naturally as the managers’ leadership competencies represent the key for consolidating an organizational culture that nurtures exceptional performance. This highly interactive program has been designed to help the managers improve their management skills and achieve theoretical management and leadership concepts.

This Learning & Development initiative is a 7 months training and coaching program covering all four current Euroanswer locations, started in September 2017. The program covers themes such as: the role of a leader; communication; situational leadership; coaching & feedback; delegating, planning & organizing; building effective teams; developing people.

img_1584The first impressions were positive and revealing for our colleagues, as you can discover from their feedback:

“Learning about how to improve yourself, in this case your leadership skills, it’s very interesting. Firstly because you actually understand how little you know 😊 I enjoyed knowing that some leadership behaviors come naturally and we should only expand them, and seeing which leadership skills and behaviors we lack altogether” says one of the team leaders, while the other notes: “The facilitator presented the material with expertise, humor and genuineness. I really enjoyed the exercises, they were really useful and helped me better understand the theory. I must say that the training helped me:

– improve my communications skill. Through the leadership training, I learned effective ways to give feedback, to motivate and increase the skill level of my team members.
– develop my own personal leadership style
– become better in decision-making.”

One of the senior agents states: “The part which I liked the most was the one working in teams, with the target to build a ship. It was the moment I realized how important the leader’s role in a team is”, reaffirming the value of the practical exercises in the training’s deployment.

This course aims to cover all required levels of a great leadership: the emotional, the theoretical and the practical one, all of these being explored and developed to result in an inspiration for the teams to do their best, feel empowered and determined to achieve business greatness.

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