Today’s highly complex IT environments, including ITSM platforms, require a lot of time, effort and resources to manage and maintain. Euroanswer’s
managed services model is designed to alleviate those issues and help you fully benefit from your ITSM platform investment investment by leveraging
advanced call center technology. Fully customisable, our ITSM solution takes core maintenance tasks off your hands, while you retain full control of service
delivery management and overall strategy. Euroanswer’s team of experienced and certified professionals is familiar with all types of ITSM solutions
(including ServiceNow, JIRA, and CA) and follows best practices in every aspect of ITSM management and operations.

  • Integration & automation
  • ITSM software administration
  • Configuration enhancements & upgrading services


Manual and repetitive tasks are, well… manual and repetitive. In the contact center space, many opportunities exist to automate repetitive processes and tasks in order to improve the customer experience, increase human agent efficiency, and achieve a better overall ROI. RPA solutions technology reduces error rates and handle times, and increases consistency for the customer – all of which contribute to higher levels of agent and customer satisfaction.

Euroanswer is currently partnering with select customers to conduct RPA beta tests and find ways to make the most of this emerging technology. If your
organization is interested in discussing an opportunity to join our beta testing program, please contact [email].