H2H power at CCW Berlin 2017

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Coming to CCW Berlin is always a surprise, even though this happens every year. At least for me.

Meeting old and new contacts is an opportunity to talk about the industry, its challenges and how everyone’s involvement reshapes the way we work and we manage our businesses, our teams.

This year was a deja-vu experience, remembering the feeling I had a couple of years ago when the IVR concept was launched and everybody was enchanted and talking about its wonders.

Only that in 2017 the star is the AI technology. Those involved in the system consider it both a friend and an enemy, having doubts that people will be replaced and the highly preached empathy will become a history.

All of us relate to the human to human connection and we expect that all our requests are solved by nice, perfectly skilled, friendly and prompt agents, proactive in knowing exactly what we want, when we want and, most important, how we want.

I personally think that the customer support will remain a human’s job and the AI can help in the automatization of the processes and ease out the delivery. Moreover, AI fits best in providing quick and accurate support to humans’ decisions. Either way, we must program this technological solution to learn everything about our company and our customers.

Aren’t we, in fact, doing it this business for people, with people? Is a question I usually ask myself and I try to permanently explore its answers and do my best to prepare Euroanswer’s entire team for the industry future.

Besides learning about this hi tech trend, when walking around Estrel’s exhibition space, I felt proud of representing my country in this international pool of strong players. Romania is already a loud and appreciated presence, a desired destination, with dedicated and talented people that we keep promoting every time we go abroad. Important international companies already work with Romanian providers and consider local employees engaged, dedicated and fast adapted to various organizational cultures.

The above attributes serve as an advantage when establishing new connections and the recipe was a success for my team, as we met VANAD representatives, who will be visiting Bucharest this spring.

Glad and proud to settle the standards for a Dutch & Romanian BPO’s partnership!


Keep an eye on us to see the updates and enjoy this modern future teller –  !

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