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Euroanswer’s Long Story Short through CEO’s Perspective

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Euroanswer – Beginnings and Evolution (and some numbers)

What do you need in order to provide wonderful experiences and to assure the competitive advantage to your partners? A great idea and a professional, passionate team! It all started in 2004 in Bucharest, when Euroanswer was founded.

Since then, Euroanswer has evolved as a leader in Pan-European BPO & ITO services and expanded its growth in another 3 delivery centers: in 2006 in Skopje, in 2012 in Galati and in 2016 in Sibiu. Another important achieves: in 2010 80% of work force increased and by 2013 all European languages were covered.

Considering just facts and figures, Euroanswer means: the only call center in Romania with 13 years of experience in the Balkans, Europe, USA, Canada; 300 specialists in 4 delivery centers: Skopje –Macedonia, Bucharest – Romania, Galati – Romania, Sibiu – Romania; call center services in 28 foreign languages, among others the Scandinavian languages, Macedonian, Turkish, Croatian, Serbian, Albanian,  Czech, Bosnian, Bulgarian, Slovenian, Polish, Slovak, Russian, French, Italian,  Portuguese, Hungarian, English, Spanish, in 40 countries.

But, besides cold numbers, there is a strong team determination. This is the reason why top companies such as: HP, Bitdefender, PhotoFancy, Lycatel, HBO, ING, Intesa Sanpaolo Bank choose Euroanswer to represent them to their clients.

Euroanswer and its People

At Euroanswer, people come first. The people in the team have the opportunity to evolve both professionally and personally within a multicultural organization with flexible HR politics, annual promotions, training and motivational activities such as: painting and handmade workshops, anger management workshops, Christmas and Halloween parties, CSR and much more. Euroanswer grows together with the experience its teams gain in engaging with customers.

Beyond professionalism and expertise, the values that define Euroanswer stand for integrity, innovation, teamwork and client oriented services. In more than 13 years of activity, behind the business plans, there have always been the determination and constant efforts of the team, motivated by the desire to offer a complex platform of client oriented services and to ensure their constant improvement. The company has always adopted the latest practices in the field, with the sole aim of offering clients a personal, empathic and humane experience. This strategic positioning had the central objective of offering partners a set of services tailored according to the latest imperatives in the industry.

Paul Scanlon, Euroanswer CEO, who has an experience of 25 years in the IT field and 19 years as a Senior Executive Director, stated: “We see people as our most important asset and the main factor driving our evolution, so we are constantly investing in expanding the team and its development. In an ever-growing industry, Euroanswer stands out through professionalism, world-class services and a wide range of solutions to meet the needs of our customers. We strive for perfection in everything we do and quality always comes first, no matter the scale of the projects we’re taking part in!”


What CEO Says about Euroanswer

Paul Scanlon also talked about Euroanswer’s team and main goals

How would you describe Euroanswer to someone who doesn’t know the company?
Euroanswer is Europe’s best kept secret. A company committed to understanding your business goals and solutioning a customer centric, positive consumer experience at the point of all direct and indirect client interactions. Our vision is to sustain a reputation for value creation and process excellence by understanding and taking responsibility and accountability for our services and ensuring that we put customers first, beyond mere customer focus.

What makes Euroanswer special?
There are many contributory factors that make Euroanswer special, none more so than our people. We have an incredible base of young, talented, multi-lingual graduates, whose combined individual talents, perspectives and skills are harnessed and focused to deliver amazing solutions for our clients. Our culture of continuous service improvement, combined with our approach to put the needs of our customer first, is embraced by our people who know how to listen to a client’s needs and are never shy about speaking up for their customers. Our people are our most valuable asset – they are skilled problem solvers that believe challenges can be opportunities. These enduring qualities are the shared convictions that we bring to our professional and personal conduct – they are a fundamental strength of our business.

Why would someone choose Euroanswer as a business partner?
Primarily for our service, the personality of our business is friendly, we aim to make our clients and their customers feel comfortable that we understand their needs and will help accelerate and resolve those needs by extending the trust that the customer has already invested in your business. We understand that trust is based on experience, and that if a company/brand has only delivered positive experiences then the trust level grows. Our operating principles at Euroanswer are simple but effective. We are small enough to care, flexible and responsive to deliver and focused & experienced enough to deliver value to your business faster.

How did Euroanswer evolve in the first trimester of 2017? What expectations do you have for the rest of year?
We continued to transform and improve our business operations. We have invested heavily in our infrastructure to provide our clients with a digital-ready network that is simple, automated, intelligent and secure. Our strategy to build a Global organisation has focused on simplifying, clarifying and driving consistency through best business practices across our organisation and customer programs. We continue to invest in our people, to challenge and develop them and build meaningful career paths that leverage experience, knowledge and value. We have maintained and improved many of our customer programs through proactive and continuous service improvement and are preparing to renew and launch several new service expansions for existing clients. Our expectation for the remainder of the year in addition to our 2018 Business planning, is to expand our geographical footprint, into new delivery centers in order to meet our current customer requirements and provide our client base with competitive choices when it comes to Service, language and of course competitive pricing.

All concerted efforts of the company were recognized by the Romanian Contact Center Awards, in 2 consecutive years, with distinctions that build the confidence of the team and its partners:



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