Euroanswer announces new CEO – Paul Scanlon, with over 25 years of experience in IT.

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Plans under the new leadership include expanding competitive advantages on the global contact center market

23.05.2016 – Euroanswer has a new CEO starting with April. Paul Scanlon, who takes over the position, has an experience of 25 years in the IT field and 19 years as a Senior Executive Director.

The expertise and profesionalism of the new CEO will lend credibility and predictability to the process of redefining the company’s objectives. Paul Scanlon has coordinated, along his career, startups, public organizations, but also private companies in Great Britain, Germany, Sweden, Poland and Romania. He has also been part of global management teams for Asia, United States of America, Western and Eastern Europe.


 „Paul coordinated global outsourcing operations in IT; he developed programmes and built teams in various geographical areas, experiences that have enriched his international expertise, which will surely be visible in the services offered by Euroanswer. He is a manager with an outstanding vision and a powerful leader. I am truly convinced that both the Euroanswer team and the clients of the company will be inspired by the new leadership strategy. Paul will coordinate the business plans, he will contribute to the expansion of our current operations, but also to the development of new services, aimed at multiplying the competitive advantages of the company. The new CEO will also have an important role in the process of consolidating our position on the market”, said Lucian Neagoe, Deputy General Manager, Business Development and shareholder at Euroanswer.

„The organizational structure and the medium and long term objectives of Euroanswer need to convey stability, but at the same time find the proper ways to constantly adapt to a competitive professional environment. In order to follow this strategy, the company has to stand for the best practices in the field, in order to become a natural choice for clients. Apart from improving financial performances and ensuring a strong cohesion in the Euroanswer team, the company also has to become an indisputable leader when it comes to offering high quality services, taking the international standards in the area as a reference point”, said Paul Scanlon, Chief Executive Officer, Euroanswer.


Euroanswer – Your ITO partner in Europe

Beyond professionalism and expertise, the values that define Euroanswer stand for integrity, innovation, teamwork and client oriented services. In more than 12 years of activity, behind the business plans, there have always been the determination and constant efforts of the team, motivated by the desire to offer a complex platform of client oriented services and to ensure their constant improvement. The company has always adopted the latest practices in the field, with the sole aim of offering clients a personal, emphatic and humane experience. This strategic positioning had the central objective of offering partners a set of services tailored according to the latest imperatives in the industry.   The Euroanswer team counts 234 experts working in 3 offices – Bucharest, Galati, Skopje. They provide services for companies in Europe, US, Canada. The linguistic competences of our team include, apart from the frequently used European languages (English, French, Italian, Spanish, German), the languages spoken in the Balkans (Romanian, Serbian, Croatian, Bulgarian, Bosnian, Slovenian, Albanian), the Scandinavian languages (Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, Danish), as well as Dutch and Japanese.     The company offers the following services: IT outsourcing, help-desk, tickets dispatching, back-office, customer support, customers opinion surveys, data cleaning.   Euroanswer has developed partnerships globally known brands, such as HP, Bitdefender, SnapFish, ING, OMV,  HBO, Farmaciile DONA, Colgate Palmolive.

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