Euroanswer Galati: People, Values and Experiences

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Euroanswer Galati: the perfect place for professional services based on innovation and customer centricity.

With a history of over 5 years of customer services provided for global leading IT and Telecommunications customers, Euroanswer Galati beautifully developed from a small and full of enthusiasm team to over 100 team members.

We offer support in 4 languages (Romanian, English, French and Italian) and deliver flexible client service and contact center activities. Our role is to stand by our clients, understand their needs and do our best in order to achieve customer satisfaction and loyalty. Our principles are based on our core values of innovation, teamwork, customer centricity, integrity and are part of everything we do.

We take pride in our activity and this can be seen in the overall results we have achieved over the time. Each of us knows that we are part of something bigger and this feeling makes us want to do our best, improve ourselves and bring value to the company and to the clients we represent.

Euroanswer Galati“I joined Euroanswer team for the first time in 2012. I had a Customer Service Representative position and I helped an airline company offering support to customers in Romanian, Italian or English. Then, in 2016, I came back in a managerial role, when I was assigned a new portfolio in the telecom industry. I appreciate very much the love for dialogue and the optimism of my colleagues. There’s an atmosphere specific to the company that surfaces, regardless of your role or the project you’re are involved in. The team members are dynamic and active and have a positive and supportive attitude. Every day at the office is an awesome mix between responsibilities and socializing with the co-workers who became in fact friends. What do I desire for the future? I am eager to meet the new colleagues, because I believe in new ideas, fresh attitudes. I feel that each new addition to the team helps us improve our perspective and we can develop together our abilities.” Lucian Chiriloi, Service Desk Manager

Euroanswer GalatiHere, at Euroanswer Galati, we know how to have fun as well! Thanks to the very special relationship that we have developed as a team, we like to share our experiences such as team-building activities, occasional nights out, different creative workshops.  Some of us even play football on a weekly basis with the colleagues from work.

A fun environment where you can develop your personal skills and learn new ones, where people know that a good joke can make everyone smile, can lighten up your mood, even make your day.

“I have been part of the Euroanswer team since 2015 and started off as a Call Center Representative, then I was promoted to Team Leader. One of the main reasons I decided to get involved was the growth opportunities, the work environment and the friendly atmosphere that helped us develop as a team and as a company.

Euroanswer GalatiAt Euroanswer Galati, I have learned that you can accomplish great things if you set your mind to it. And if you have a great team beside you, you can overcome any challenge. I am proud of what we have accomplished in the past few years and this only makes me eager to take on new challenges and help the company expand and develop as I am sure this will bring new opportunities and learning experiences.” Ionut Sava, Team Leader

We truly believe in teamwork and we invite people to join us with confidence and empathy in a wonderful customer service experience.

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