Euroanswer is a leading BPO partner

With professionals of highest standards, well anchored in multiple particular geographies but with an accurate vision of the big picture, we stretched our
expertise and gained relevance country by country, in a relentless pace of partnerships development.

Building long-term relationships with respect, trust and constant will to add real value.

Steven FaulknerMobile Union Limited / mtxpress

Two years ago we took a decision to outsource a large portion of our Client Service and Call Centre activities to Euroanswer. I must say that they have proved a valuable partner always delivering in terms of service delivery and understanding our needs with a flexible and collaborative approach to our business. I would highly recommend Euroanswer for any company looking for good value for money when outsourcing its Delivery Center activities.

Stefan GheorgheDirector Servicii Comune, CEZ Group

During the past year, Euroanswer delivered Delivery Center services regarding electrical fault calls and proved they are a trustworthy partner, by always being in compliance with our contractual agreement. The cooperation with the Euroanswer management team was very efficient, with really good answering times, even though it was very difficult to forecast the daily volume of calls. Euroanswer always made sure the service they delivered was in accordance with the quality requested by CEZ Romania for our consumers.

Daniela PanaitescuManager Customer Operations, Unicredit Leasing

During the three years of cooperation, the relationship with Euroanswer was permanently expanded. We have found in this particular Delivery Center a trustworthy partner, constantly preoccupied with improving its services, whilst adapting them to our needs. I truly appreciate their flexibility and speed of reaction to the changes that always occur in our business. To us, the quality of the service provided to our customers is most important; Euroanswer’s understanding of this is great and they are always in search of new ways to help us become better.

Daniel VarabiefService Delivery Manager, Hewlett-Packard (Romania)

Over the past five years, Euroanswer has provided Contact Centre functionality for HP customers in Central & Eastern Europe. They have proven themselves to be a reliable partner, eager to get alongside and understand our business needs and the needs of our customers. Somehow a Contact Centre operating model relies on three building blocks: people, technology and processes; Euroanswer’s utilization of these components has shown us a company whose scalability and flexibility belies their maturity in terms of years. HP looks forward to strengthening its relationship with Euroanswer as we continue to build upon the capability we have created over the past five years.

Stefan IonIT Operations and Service Desk Manager, ING Bank

The services Euroanswer has been offering ING since October 2007, consisting of handling all Helpdesk calls for the internal client, have proven us we are interacting with a team for whom trust, communication, promptitude and giving are top qualities when it comes to a business relationship. ING Bank recommends Euroanswer for the utility of the services they offer, for the quality of the people, the flexibility and capability they have proven: adapting themselves to the clients’ needs, offering intelligent and efficient solutions with a problem solving orientation, clarity and professionalism of all activity reports. We hereby thank them and wish them the best of luck in all future projects!