08 Oct
Euroanswer expands services in Eastern Europe Euroanswer / No Comments

Euroanswer expands BPO services in Eastern Europe Kiev call centre opens in partnership with Ukrainian firm     Bucharest Romania, September 29, 2018 – In an effort to continuously create value for our clients, we at Euroanswer are pleased to announce our expansion into Eastern Europe. Through a partnership with a local Ukrainian company, as of October, we […]

28 Feb
Euroanswer – You know a good start when you see it Euroanswer / No Comments

When starting a new year we always look back, at what we did in the previous year or years and what we can improve. That’s exactly what we did, except we are looking back at over 14 years of experience. Quite a lot to think about! And a good opportunity to check out the evolution […]

28 Feb
Implementing the new European General Data Protection Regulation Euroanswer / No Comments

By Mirela Cazacu, DPO & Quality Manager @ Euroanswer   The latest priority of the business environment is focusing on the new European General Data Protection Regulation – especially knowing that non-compliance might lead to high fines. Looking further than the punitive measures, the regulation comes to cover the gaps within the local regulations of […]

07 Dec

At every beginning of a partnership we take care that all necessary actions go as planned and that the dedicated Euroanswer team involved in the project evaluates all possible risks to ensure a smooth implementation. Also, we permanently make sure to adapt very fast to every requested change and deliver it through an excellent communication. […]

24 Oct
Saving hearts, saving our future Euroanswer / No Comments

We started this company thinking about the future, a concept that lives with us every day. A concept that feeds dreams, sets strategies and gives us hope, sustaining our mission, combined with our values. Is not just the future of the company we are thinking of, is the one of our employees, clients and a […]

Paul Scanlon
24 Oct
Paul Scanlon, our CEO, on People Management and Modern Technology Euroanswer / No Comments

Let’s start from the beginning. You chose to coordinate a Romanian company. How was the cultural shift, was it easy for you? How about the organizational culture?  I have enjoyed and gained a lot of experience and understanding of various cultural attributes associated with a diverse range of people over the course of my career.  […]

28 Sep
Euroanswer Bucharest: People, Services and Numbers Euroanswer / No Comments

How did it all begin. What do we say Euroanswer Bucharest’s story started in 2004, when the company had 30 agents and a lot of hope and enthusiasm. Today we have a team of 96 customer representatives who offer support services for 24 active clients in 16 languages. This location is Euroanswer’s headquarters, concentrating the […]

28 Sep
Attitude is everything Euroanswer / No Comments

Vulnerability. For some of use just a word that makes us think of weaknesses, deep emotions and challenges. For those who find themselves in this kind of situations is a powerful resource that feeds their determination, builds their strength and faith. It’s this second human category that offers our society role models and inspiration muses, […]

28 Aug
Staying true to our vision – the ISO 9001:2015 certification Euroanswer / No Comments

Our vision is To Lead in Customer experience, Sustain a reputation for Value Creation and Process Excellence. Euroanswer has built its internal policies and procedures by following the requirements of the ISO Quality Management System. The Service Delivery processes are united under the Euroanswer SD Best Business Practices Catalogue, while the records are centralized under […]