Professional & Expert Services

Recruitment Services

  • mapping the HR market according to client specific request and task coordinates
  • covering all phases of the recruitment process: attracting, shortlisting, selecting and appointing suitable candidates within the client organization
  • covering recruitment for all types of requested contracts: project based/trial/temporary or permanent
  • effective management of all parameters of the recruitment process: quality, time & cost
  • custom timeline & methods for specific recruitment processes: from job description assessments to employee settling-in plan

Consultancy Services


Flexible Managed Services and/or Upgrading solutions that are designed specifically to support today’s highly complex IT environment and enable our customers to increase the maturity of their operational model. Managing and maintaining any ITSM tool requires a lot of time, effort and resources. A tailored made managed service model, enables customers to fully benefit from their investment in the ITSM platform, while at the same time retaining full management control of Service Delivery and overall strategy. By outsourcing maintenance and management of the ITSM platform our customers can be confident that it is being operated and maintained according to ITSM best practices by a dedicated team of experienced and certified professionals.

  • Integration & Automation
  • ITSM Software Administration
  • Configuration Enhancements & Upgrading Services
  • Web Development (websites, online stores, SEO, digital marketing, app development iOS/Android)