IT Outsourcing

With its commitment to excellence and the promise to deliver on the clients’ expectations, Euroanswer is at the forefront of the industry, constantly looking at new way of bringing added value. Our solutions help clients to develop the right strategies according to their business goals, select the right IT service providers, reduce costs and take advantage of external expertise and assets. If you feel like IT issues are taking up too much of your time and you also spend a lot of energy troubleshooting, Euroanswer’s experts are here, ready to help you! Outsource your IT/Technical support process and services to us, thus allowing you to focus more on the company’s core business and goals.

Relying on best business practices, proven approaches and technology experience, our experts are working closely with each and every enterprise in order to develop quality solutions according to its business needs. Our customizable, modular and combinable services are backed by the quality of good project discipline  and communication, defining a clear set of values that make Euroanswer the preferred choice of many when it comes to IT Outsourcing. We have refined an approach that was developed to help manage and predict IT costs while increasing the business value that IT brings to your enterprise.

From the start of a partnership with a new customer, we help define a broader spectrum of performance targets, including measurable business outcomes such as increased customer satisfaction, better standards of service management, consistent standards of delivery across markets or geography, multi-lingual agents to bridge language gaps and understand support requirements.

Measurable value designed to lower total cost of ownership, and increase end user productivity and satisfaction with IT. We focus on customer experience and satisfaction, measure performance in reducing tickets per end user, through ticket avoidance and proactive problem management. We pay attention to resolutions, and constantly seek to drive resolution at the lowest cost point, thus reducing total ticket cycle time, and driving higher levels of productivity and an improved understanding of an organisations infrastructure usage.


Euroanswer delivers world-class service desk support in the right language, from the right location, at the right time and with the right tools, processes and technology. Comprising experienced, technical personnel with extensive training to meet strict standards, our dedicated Service Desk staff is here when you need it, ready to answer incidents, requests, to manage change and problem tickets. Handling thousands of interactions per month, our specialists offer prompt and reliable support in line with customers’ expectations. Our team promptly responds and manages every interaction through to resolution. We take a proactive, predefined approach using an ITIL framework. Our predefined best business practices are meticulously followed and are constantly reviewed and adapted as part of our continuous improvement approach. Our process owners ensure the consistency of this approach across our delivery centers and our qualified teams work swiftly to resolve and manage incidents to satisfy our customers and keep them productive in the tasks they have been hired to undertake.

Remote Support and Dispatch (RSAD)

Exceptional customer service is our area of expertise. We can provide support for companies and help you reduce your support footprint, but retain your technical support and reach to your remote operations. Answering our clients’ need for exceptional service, we have developed proven methods for centralizing and managing remote operations that can provide reliable and proven support for:

Remote diagnostic and resolution
Onsite dispatch – Smart Hands
IMACD Management
EUC / Request Fulfillment
Depot models / Managed Inventory
Warranty and Break fix management