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Euroanswer helpdesk and call center outsourcing

expertise and high level of service quality is derived from its disciplined approach towards consistent performance measurement and improvement.

We measure call center service quality in two ways: the standard of our helpdesk and call center outsourcing metrics and the level of customer satisfaction. We have the know-how and expertise to develop a fully featured Service (voice/email/chat/sms – operator) for you and your customers. By focusing on our strengths, know-how and expertise, we will develop a fully featured call center service (voice/email/chat/sms – operator) for you, thus for your customers.

Our bespoke customer solution reflects our vision and strategic focus: adding value to your operations with technical and communication outsourcing solutions, whilst maintaining an excellent level of customer satisfaction and brand awareness.

We also provide ongoing proposals for improving efficiency, quality and profitability.

* * *

Our keys to success are:

» Quick implementation of a fully operating and autonomous service

» Adapting our Call Centre Infrastructure to your service requirements

» Permanent technical and operational support

» Information security

» Processes and Procedures defined maintain and improve quality when possible

» Reduction of costs

Our Mission


Our Vision


Our Values

We are striving to exceed our customers' expectations by employing innovation in the value creation process.
Everyone addressing a contact-centre has a need to be addressed even if it is a just a basic request for information.
We believe that usually a negative loaded interaction is in fact a social opportunity. Hence, our vision is to transform a negatively loaded call centre inquiry into a positive experience and build upon the relationship.
Customer satisfaction is our ultimate objective, therefore:
» we listen carefully
» where possible we are going the extra mile and look for innovative solutions to create value for our customers
» we believe that together, as a team, we could accomplish more and better than individually
» we treat everything responsibly
» we don't cut corners on quality
» we are optimistic